Roughstock Album Review

Another strong collection of songs has found its way out of the fountain pen that belongs to singer/songwriter Josh Kelley.

June 30, 2016
Josh Performs “It’s Your Move” on the Today Show
May 17, 2016
Josh Kelley Explores New Territory With New Lane Road

I’ve loved Josh Kelley for years. Back in college, my roommate and I waited impatiently for the “Only You” singer

April 22, 2016
Josh Kelley on Awakening Journey to ‘New Lane Road’

I think I’ve finally grown up,” says 36-year-old Josh Kelley, comparing his current musical mindset to that of his 23-year-old

April 22, 2016
Album Review: Josh Kelley’s ‘New Lane Road’

It might sound a little strange hearing someone in their mid-30s singing songs about mortality and the fragile aspect of

April 21, 2016
‘New Lane Road’ review: Josh Kelley’s country steers toward classic with latest album

Josh Kelley surprised a lot of fans in 2011 when he took a sharp turn from his singer-songwriter pop into

April 20, 2016
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